Hershey Mounds Latte

I love Mounds candy bars (and coconut) with all of my heart. This drink marries that love with my love for iced coffee.

Coconut is one of those love-it-or-hate-it flavors, but if you’re in the former, this drink is perfect. In my experience, steamed coconut milk has an almost sour taste (as always, 2% dairy milk creates the best hot lattes). To preserve the pure coconut flavor, this drink is made over ice.

  1. Ask your barista for an iced mocha latte.
  2. Choose coconut milk as your milk base; this is what makes the Mounds flavor.
  3. Ask your barista to add vanilla syrup to your mocha. They will adjust the regular amount of chocolate syrup in the mocha so that your drink will still be balanced with the espresso, rather than being overpowered by syrups. The vanilla will add that bit of sweetness reminiscent of the candy bar.
  4. If you’d like, have your drink topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce for a more decadent experience. Enjoy!

***This drink can also be made as a frozen latte without compromising that pure coconut taste.



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