Nutella Latte

The actual spread may be a health risk, but this flavor combo is to die for.

I was introduced to Nutella in elementary school from a friend whose family had moved to the States from Germany. It was a revelation- a chocolate sandwich for lunch? Unheard of in my own homemade lunches. While the actual spread is a little too rich for me these days, my love for chocolate has yet to go away.

How to order:

  1. Ask your barista for a mocha latte.
  2. Choose a milk base. Regular 2% milk works best to bring out the full chocolate flavor and frothiness, but skim or a substitute can be used for a lighter, flatter flavor.
  3. Ask your barista to add hazelnut syrup to your mocha. They will adjust the regular amount of chocolate syrup in the mocha so that your drink will still be balanced with the espresso, rather than being overpowered by syrups.
  4. If you’d like, have your drink topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce for a more decadent experience. Enjoy!

***You can also order this drink iced or frozen. In this case, milk base is not as important in affecting the flavor.



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