Halo-Halo Iced Green Tea

I’ve already mentioned my love of coconut (see the Hershey Mounds Latte), but this tea drink is particularly special to my Filipina roots.

Halo-halo, Tagalog for “mixed up,” is a traditional Filipino dessert of shaved iced, sweet milk, tropical fruits, sweet beans, and purple yam. While this drink doesn’t quite do the dessert justice, the sweet flavors of mango and coconut are refreshing with an iced green tea base and are not as harsh to the non-native tongue (and tastebuds).

Here’s how to order:

  1. Ask your barista for an iced green tea.
  2. Ask your barista to add coconut milk to taste (for a more authentic taste, I recommend roughly one-third coconut milk to two-thirds tea).
  3. The price of the tea includes a free flavor shot, so ask for mango to get that tropical fruit flavor in the drink.
  4. Make sure it’s all stirred together and enjoy. If you’d like a sweeter drink, add a sugar packet or two to imitate the sweet milk.



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